The Journey of KITAMEN Esports Dojo


The idea of Esports Dojo came into reality when we started our gaming studio back in 2016 as a passion project, right before KITAMEN was born.

The idea was pretty simple yet fulfilling – a space where gamers can hang out with other gamers playing video games console, racing simulators, VR machines, and many others (contrary to cybercafes that only serve PC) locally.


In 2017, we built 14 Dojo nationwide via our brand licensing, and it was a massive success. Our focus on hyperlocals is a breakthrough, and the Dojos are sold out all day. A few months later, the competition started to kick in and the concept became mainstream, and since then, it has become the survival of the fittest among the new players.

In mid-2017, we leaped faith in a pitching competition. Our idea was to build an entirely new gaming hub concept, a parent worry-free, exclusive environment, top-notch gaming rigs, and full of edutainment elements.  Thus, Epicenter was born in late 2018.


The main goal of Epicenter is to become a one-stop center for all your gaming desire. In Epicenter, you can become anyone virtually. We want the community to have a sense of belonging – the pride of being a gamer.

We have hosted more than 20 programs in a year, with a mix of community and high-profile private events, completely tailored for our fans and partners. Because of the potential growth and scalability, we were in a full-throttle to expand Epicenter across few more states. (Currently in Selangor)

But things sometimes don’t go as planned.


Pre-COVID (2020)
We had to shut down entirely. We lost a few of our Dojo, consumed by the Pandemic strict lockdown. The team started to move into virtual events with KITAMEN.Live team, our event powerhouse.


COVID (2021 – Present)
We are running it only as a private establishment and at a very minimal scale. We learned to pivot our business model to keep our minds share among gamers.

The team consistently looks for a better avenue in sustaining Epicenter and Dojo ecosystem and relevancy during these challenging times. As the growth of video gamers has never declined since the past decade, a new beginning of the Malaysian esports industry is about to begin.


We started with passion,
We hold strong with patience.


Till then, keep on gaming! #KITAMEN