The common question we get – what does KITAMEN means? and how did the name originated?

A very short story….

We got inspired by a fellow Malaysian, Syed Ahmad Fuqaha who founded KATSANA. At first, we thought it was a Japanese sword inspired, but its a GPS Tracking Device company for fleet / vehicles etc. Only then to realize it’s from the Malay word ‘KAT SANA’ meaning OVER THERE in English, and then that’s where we finally get it! Oh yeah, GPS tracking device, over there, KAT SANA = KATSANA. Pretty awesome name.

The Brand

Having the same inspiration, we also want to have a brand that looks, sounds like it. Hence, KITA MAIN (WE PLAY in English) came along.
It had a few version in the order below before it became the FINAL BRAND NAME.

  3. KITAMEN √

We had few other options too (Gameon, Gmeon, Addita (addict wtf), Pureisu-on (from PlayStation in Japanese))


KITAMEN and on to the next process which is the logo creation.

The first and only logo without any revision. We’ll write about more on the motives behind the logo creation in our future post.


After a year later, we just need a logo rebranding to suit the industry and the  commercial market.

The logo is a registered mark under the Malaysia Intelectual Property Corporation. If anyone wants to know more about registering your brand, just drop us an email at [email protected] To know more.

End of BRAND NAME origin. Please share if you are a good person.