Kitamen Legends Festival At The Pantheon Highlights

Its a wrap Thank you for all sponsors, Viewsonic, TechArmory, DxRacer, AKRacing, Armaggeddon & Geek Empire

Event Supported by Acer and EGG Network
Held at thebest iCafe which is the Official Venue at The Pantheon.

Thanks so much for the overwhelming support.

Enjoy the video Below

Winners listing ~
Street Fighter V
1st Place Cfn IamChuan
2nd Place VS.AMG|FV Nekoxx
3rd Place VS.AMG|FV Hentai

Tekken 7 Tag Team
1st Place HXI Team A
2nd Place FV Bravo
3rd Place FV Alpha

1st Place JBTXiao Gui
2nd Place AG | KentutBerdahak
3rd Place KofMaster

Tekken 7 Single
1st Place VS.AMG|FV Meat
2nd Place VS.AMG|FV Fate Q
3rd Place HXI | Zaba